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The X3 is just one of the many cars in the X series produced by BMW. The lineup is associated with the label of “Sports Activity Vehicles,” and the X3 has been a part of this since 2003. The vehicle is equipped with many different features that allow you as a driver to take your car out on a range of roads and through different conditions. The X3 is a car that is great for those who like to travel often or go on rougher roads but still want a taste of luxury. The balanced weight distribution and powerful engine allow you to stay in control behind the wheel.

When parts on your X3 start to wear out and need replacement, it’s important to know where to go to get high quality parts. The replacements you choose for your X3 should be OEM - short for original equipment manufactured parts. These are components that are straight from the manufacturer, meaning they have to live up to the same quality standards as the original parts in your vehicle. This allows you to rest assured they will fit properly and be made with the same measurements as the parts in your X3 originally were. It pays off in the long run to invest in genuine parts, because they are going to last longer and save you money down the line. You want to be able to trust the parts you use, and here at BMW Midtown Parts, we understand that. We sell all kinds of OEM X3 parts, from something as simple as a car cover to the precise engine part you need. Find it all here and start shopping today.